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The WordPress Business Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive video training system for making a WordPress business website or Blog ever created. Designed for beginner to advanced level users, it will teach you how to make an attractive website; to market your site with the full power of email marketing, search-engine optimization, social media and online video; and finally how to monetize your site with a shopping cart or membership system.

There is no other course on the internet that gives you so much practical and directly actionable information in such a brief time to create an effective, business-oriented website.  Over 10,000 students have already registered to WP Encyclopedia and to our Udemy courses, leaving 100+ five-star reviews.  The new Plugin Reviews section is now the largest WordPress plugin review site on the net (400+ plugins).

Please review the Table of Contents (on the left) or use the "Search" function to find what you need to know.

Update 6/25/2014: WP Academy has joined the gift economy! This means that WP Encyclopedia can be had for a donation amount of your choice. Click here for details.

What is WP Encyclopedia™?

Marc describes the WP Encyclopedia concept and pricing in this 3:08 min video.



Suggested Learning Track for Beginners:

Here is how you can become proficient in WordPress web design in about 4 hours, starting from zero. By using our methodology, you can learn how to make a website that might by indistinguishable from one that was done by a professional designer, and which cost your several thousand dollars.

Orient yourself in Getting Started with WordPress.

This training requires a "Self-hosted" WordPress site (aka Learn how to do get one in Hosting WordPress.

Using the WordPress Essentials Training, build out the "Words Are Music" website as a training exercise, using the project files provided. It is recommended that you do this on a dual-monitor computer (or else a computer and a tablet) -- read the instructions and/or watch the training videos on one monitor, and build out the site on the second monitor

If you still feel you need help after taking the Essentials course, you can either register in our WP Live Program or check out our super-affordable Website Design Packages.

If you have some experience with WordPress already:

If you have already mastered WordPress Essentials, then use the following training sequence:

Study our second mini-course Theme Selection & Customization. Choose your professional theme framework and build out your site. If you have mastered WordPress Essentials, you might be able to do this in a few hours or less (more time will be required to write your content)

Use the Index and Search. You should be able to find almost everything you will need to know about WordPress inside the WP Encyclopedia.

Use our comprehensive Plugin Reviews section anytime you need a feature that is not included in the out-of-the-box WordPress installation

Good luck - and may the Road Rise Up to Meet You!

Additional Courses and Content

Many of the following mini-courses and review articles included in WP Encyclopedia have free previews or video lessons.  They include:

WordPress Essentials Training

Theme Selection & Customization

WordPress Backup, Security & Performance

Shopping Carts, Payment & Membership Systems

Plugin Reviews

Graphics & Image Editing

WP Live Course Recordings

Reference Section


The Story of WP Encyclopedia

WP Encyclopedia originally came out of WP Academy's WordPress for Business LIVE (or WP Live) course, that has been offered since 2010.  This course was created for busy small-business owners, self-employed professionals and non-technical people in order to quickly master web technologies for the purpose of creating additional income sources through the web.  Hundreds of students went through this course.

In May 2012 we edited down our best lectures and produced the first WP Encyclopedia.  It instantly became the world's first "Help Manual" style documentation for WordPress and related web marketing technologies (a "help manual" is a documentation format that allows you to easily search and click-through to related topics).

In August 2013, WP Encyclopedia was offered to Crowd Funding and raised $7000.

In June 2014, after extensive writing, research and video production, we published the WP Encyclopedia, 2014 Edition.  In addition to our immensely popular WordPress Essentials and Theme Selection courses, it is the most comprehensive WordPress Plugin Reviews site on the web.

WP Encyclopedia is in continuous active development. The 2015 Edition will be published in early 2015. Please join the WordPress revolution, and support our efforts towards creating the finest free WordPress web design and Web Marketing training content on the web.


Donate to WP Encyclopedia 2014 and unlock all video lessons

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Since June 2014, WP Encyclopedia has joined the gift economy! This means that you can have it all for a donation amount of your choice.  All we ask is that you give an amount proportional to the value you will receive from this extraordinary training system.  Please give generously, as your contribution helps us develop even better content while keeping it all updated to the latest technology. It will also help entrepreneurs in developing countries through a non-profit organization we tithe to called Kiva.


(You may also subscribe to our premium program WP Live, giving you one-on-one assistance from our expert instructors, or buy one of our super-affordable Website Design Packages.





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