imageOctober has been quite a month here at WP Academy… didn’t sleep much (the down-and-dirty story is told on my entrepreneur blog).  The results, however, are spectacular:

  • WP Encyclopedia, WordPress Essentials, and WordPress Theme Selection are all on Kindle and Android.  (Getting them from my Help & Manual [help authoring software] into apps has been very cool, it is described here)
  • iPad / iOS apps are coming very soon as well
  • We are also on Lulu and Smashwords, and from there will be going into iBookstore and Barnes & Noble Nook very soon
  • There were also major revisions: most of the text tutorials have been edited and expanded.  All text tutorials and review articles are also now free

With the publishing platform now stable, I am now in a great position to start building new content.  This is about a 6-month job, but the first course to be published is the Plugin Selection course and is likely to be ready early January.

We have also moved the project into permanent crowd-funding until July 2014.

I appreciate all the support I am getting to get this project done.

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EPUB3 and Kindle support for video and the HTML5 <video> tag

October 22, 2013

This is a response to  Liz Castro in great article  Video in Kindle Books, thanks to EPUB3

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WP Encyclopedia major update Oct. 2013

October 21, 2013

A major update to WP Encyclopedia was published last week to our new platform.  It includes revisions to all topic texts and review articles.  In addition all article texts have been made free, and there also 60 free videos.  The Android and iPad browsers should also work.  Yay! All donors at $35 and above should […]

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